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Aragen is a trusted R&D and manufacturing partner that transforms your ideas into solutions, keeping you ahead in the race for better health. We offer a comprehensive range of services for small molecules and large molecules (biologics) drug discovery and development. With 3700+ scientists, 450+ PhDs, and an average tenure of 5+ years with top 20 customers, our expertise, innovation mindset, empowered teams, concept to commercial capabilities, and technology-enabled platform ensure accelerated success. We prioritize quality, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and intellectual property protection. Explore our global locations and see why we are ranked among the best workplaces in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotech industries.



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Amorphous Solid Dispersion — An Ideal Formulation Approach to Improve Developability of Poorly Soluble Molecules
Discover an informative webinar uncovering the transformative impact of amorphous solid dispersion on drug solubility. Aqueous solubility results in low bioavailability and developability issues. Various approaches have limitations, but amorphous solid dispersion offers unique advantages in terms of applicability, safety, and scalability.
1/24/2024 4:00 PM