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Alira Health is a trusted advisor and clinical development partner for life sciences companies globally. We offer a wide range of services including research and clinical development, regulatory consulting, biometrics, market access, patient engagement, and more. Our team collaborates to fully understand every aspect of each client's organization and works towards delivering meaningful results. With over 800 employees from 30 nationalities and speaking 15 languages, we are committed to bridging clinical research with routine medical care to improve the life of every patient.



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How to Accelerate Lupus Solutions with RWD
Join this informative webinar to explore lupus solutions and real-world treatment impacts through a discussion on patient aspects and the role of technology in streamlining research efficiency. Lupus is a complex disease with diverse manifestations, limited treatment options and inequitable impact on the affected population. This makes research into patient experience, treatment patterns and long-term clinical outcomes particularly challenging. High-quality real-world data (RWD) can enable researchers to assess the current disease burden and generate evidence on the impact of new and established treatments in a highly efficient way, including exploring new hypotheses and capturing long-term outcomes. “Ideal” sources of RWD for Lupus would include the following components: - Demographic and socioeconomic data - Deep clinical information on disease manifestations - Health care utilization, including treatment information - Long-term clinical outcomes, including patient-reported outcomes (PROs) Join Alira Health’s Real World Solutions experts and external partners from FORWARD — the US national databank for rheumatic diseases — for a deep dive into Lupus RWD.
1/23/2024 4:00 PM