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Sonepar USA is an independent, family-owned company with global market leadership in the B-to-B distribution of electrical, industrial and safety products, services and solutions.



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Get Advice from Women at Sonepar About Roles That Could Be Your Next
Some parts of work tend to look the same day in and day out—but often, no two days are the exact same. Sure, bigger-picture goals and responsibilities remain, but milestones hit differently, projects take different directions and conversations with different colleagues or clients spread different ideas. And, if you’re considering a role at a company, you probably want to know a bit about those daily doings—the reliable constants and the newness that could keep you feeling both secure and excited in a new job. But it’s hard to know what a day in the life really looks like for a role without talking to someone already in it. That’s why we’re sitting down with women at Sonepar who hold the positions for which the company is hiring. In this webinar, you’ll learn about: - What their day-to-day responsibilities are - How their teams operate together - What they enjoy most about the company culture - The benefits that make Sonepar a great place to work This event will be recorded and posted here following the event. We'll also email the recording directly to everyone who registers. By registering, you agree to share your email and profile information with the participating company. Want to attend but can’t make the webinar date work? No problem! Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording for you to watch on your own time. BEST PRACTICES FOR JOINING THE EVENT For the best experience, join this event from the latest version of Chrome or Firefox on a desktop computer and disable VPN networks. If you experience any technical difficulties, you can reference this guide, test your streaming setup, or contact RingCentral support. If you experience any freezing or lagging during the event's live stream, please refresh your page or paste the URL into a new browser window.
2/26/2024 5:00 PM