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Medilink Midlands is the Life Sciences Industry association. Our vision is to stimulate the growth of the Midlands life sciences sector. Medilink Midlands helps companies in the life sciences industry establish, develop and grow; through our business support, connectivity and collaboration. Business Support - Medilink assists life science companies to collaborate, develop new products & services & share ideas. Collaboration - Utilising the collective power of the Midlands region, we spark collaboration and networking. Sustainability - It is one of Medilink Midlands’ core values to support life sciences companies to make a positive change. Connectivity - Medilink Midlands can connect you to life sciences industry thought leaders, through our tailored programme of events. Membership - Join the Medilink Midlands network – A membership created to boost the life sciences business community. Medilink Midlands work to transform the healthcare industry by connecting academics, businesses, clinicians & Government.



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Net Zero Healthcare: Embracing Sustainability for Business Growth
This event will delve into the compelling reasons why environmental sustainability is essential for healthcare innovators, highlighting the significant business advantages and opportunities that arise from embracing greener practices. The webinar meets 1 time.
1/23/2024 10:00 AM
Medilink Midlands: All things Membership Rewards and Business Awards!
Open to all, join us online for an overview of the Medilink Midlands member benefits and tips and hints on completing an application for our 2024 Medilink Midlands Business Awards.  Firstly, our Partner and Relationship Manager, Jo Bekis will guide you through our current member benefits, this will be beneficial for current members who want to make sure they get the most out of their membership with us and for any non-members who are interesting in finding out about the different levels of membership and what is included. 
1/17/2024 10:00 AM