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Understanding Cholesterol's Role in Heart Health
Join our 1-Hour CE Credit Approved webinar where Antony, an expert in nutritional management of cardiovascular health, delves into cholesterol in heart disease and overall health. Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease: The role of cholesterol and other blood lipids in cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of mortality in the UK and Western world for decades. Comparative Risk Analysis: An examination of raised cholesterol versus other biomarkers like homocysteine, hs-CRP, fibrinogen, and lifestyle factors. Statins and Their Impact: Exploring the effectiveness of statins for preventing heart attacks. Functional Medicine Approach: Antony will review strategies to manage elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels using functional medicine principles. Historical Perspective: Learn about the journey of cholesterol from an obscure molecule to a recognized heart disease risk factor. Risk Factors and Health Outcomes: Understanding the risks posed by high cholesterol, its comparison with other factors, and the outcomes of studies focusing solely on cholesterol reduction. Natural Solutions: Discover natural methods to manage cholesterol levels and safeguard against cardiovascular diseases. We hope you can join us live on February 21st at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM EST. If not, don’t worry, signing up will still grant you access to the webinar recording. This webinar was pre-approved by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) for 1 hour of general continuing education (CE) credit for naturopathic doctors. Other professions may check with their individual state regulatory board requirements for continuing education. To receive credit, or for additional information, contact You can attend live or watch the replay and request a certificate. A short quiz about the webinar content will be required for confirmation. AANP credits are not recognized by OBNM.
2/21/2024 7:00 PM
Non-Hormonal Remedies to Relieve Hormonal Symptoms
Hormones, chemical messengers produced mainly in the endocrine glands and secreted into the bloodstream, play a crucial role in homeostasis, maintaining balance, and stability of the body’s internal milieu. Hormones generate and regulate growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, mood, sleep, and indeed, all bodily functions. The medical community is increasingly recognizing hormone optimization as a key building block to an extended high quality of life. There is a growing need and interest in evidence-based non-hormonal solutions to alleviate excess, insufficient, and deficient hormone symptoms. This presentation explores evidence-based approaches to manipulating hormone levels without the need for prescription hormonal input. Focusing on 11 hormones: Testosterone, estrogens, progesterone, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, cortisol, insulin, DHEA, pregnenolone, prolactin, and melatonin, we review the potential impact of diet, exercise, herbs, minerals, and vitamins on raising or lowering hormone levels. This webinar promises to be a valuable resource for adjunctive relief from hormonal imbalances for all practitioners looking to achieve better outcomes for their patients.
12/20/2023 11:00 PM