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Chromatography Online is a website dedicated to providing information and resources on various chromatography techniques. It covers topics such as liquid chromatography (LC/HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), sample preparation, mass spectrometry, pharmaceutical analysis, environmental analysis, food and beverage analysis, and more. The website offers publications, webcasts, resources, products, and a directory for professionals in the chromatography field.



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Developing Better HPLC(MS) Methods
Where do you start when you want to develop a better HPLC method? Whether you work in a regulated environment or not, setting specifications for your HPLC protocols is good practice. This essential guide sets out guidelines for chromatographic parameters such as retention, resolution, and efficiency that can be used to improve HPLC methods prior to method validation. It will explain how mobile phase design and instrument parameters can be used to achieve improvements in method robustness and what to look for when a method is failing. Practical tips for sample and eluent preparation, and the correct detector settings to use will also be discussed. We will look at the major factors that affect chromatographic robustness to give you the tools to develop better methods that will give you consistent, reproducible chromatography.
12/14/2023 4:00 PM