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Leasecake provides affordable and user-friendly lease management software powered by AI. With Leasecake, you can easily track critical dates, store important documents, and gain financial oversight for your real estate portfolio. Simplify location management and focus on growing your business with Leasecake.



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Mastering Multi-Unit Franchise Success: Insights from a Seasoned Capriotti's Operator
Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to unlock the secrets of achieving multi-unit franchise success? Join us for an enlightening webinar, "Mastering Multi-Unit Franchise Success: Insights from a Seasoned Capriotti's Operator", featuring Jeff Klein, a prominent multi-unit franchisee with 18 locations of well-known brands like Capriotti's, Auntie Anne's, and Baskin Robbins. We will delve into the world of franchise ownership and management, as we learn from the experiences and expertise of this seasoned operator who has mastered the art of expanding and thriving in the competitive world of multi-unit franchising.
12/5/2023 7:00 PM