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Clario is a leading provider of technology solutions for clinical trial management. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Clario offers a comprehensive suite of endpoint technologies and services that simplify the trial process for sponsors, sites, and CROs. Their broad range of solutions includes eCOA clinical trials, cardiac safety, medical imaging, precision motion, respiratory solutions, and more. Clario's scientific expertise, global scale, and innovative technology platform enable the delivery of decentralized, hybrid, and site-based clinical trials with reliability and precision. By transforming the clinical trial process, Clario is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and advancing medical research.



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Clario’s Oncology Webinar Series
Join this webinar series to discover how AI enhances diagnostic accuracy and provides prognostic insights and treatment assessment as well as understand the balance between AI-driven innovation and safeguarding patient privacy and data integrity in oncology clinical trials. Participants will learn how electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) equivalence studies have paved the way for accessibility functionality testing for oncology trials, discover accessibility features for scientific assessment on the potential impact on data integrity and hear about future endeavors to make accessibility a reality for trial participants. The series will help viewers understand the unique aspects of assessing cardiac safety within an oncology development program, improve awareness of electrocardiogram (ECG) best practices, comprehend the importance of objective safety measurements with patient-reported outcomes and learn to enable early detection using wearable sensor technology to proactively monitor patients.
11/28/2023 4:00 PM