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RIA Lab - Evaluating & Comparing TAMPs
RIAs, like any other business, need to operate efficiently. Getting the fundamentals right – from providing unbeatable client service, to futureproofing and scaling-up your business – are at the heart of this. For everything else, turnkey asset management platforms (TAMPs) can offer you game-changing support – and that all important work/life balance. However, selecting the right platform that works best for you and your clients is not always easy. This virtual event will deep dive into the world of TAMPs, decoding the complexities and creating a clear and concise market picture, enabling you to: -Connect and engage with industry experts from across the TAMP value chain -Explore the true value of implementing TAMPs for your firm -Discover how to enhance your clients’ portfolios while achieving greater cost and time efficiencies -Recognize the key factors for selecting the right solution for your needs
12/7/2023 4:00 PM