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Our vision is a world where people live free from the effects of stroke. We are committed to improving stroke prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and support globally. Through our efforts, we unite the stroke community, organize the World Stroke Congress, engage in regional outreach, promote education and research, advocate for stroke awareness, and work with partners to make a meaningful impact. Join us in our mission to create a life free from stroke.



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WSA Webinar - Cerebral Small Vessel Disease
Chair Introductions, Bo Norrving - Epidemiology, risk factors & pathophysiology, Christopher Chen - Neuroimaging and clinical implications, Simon Frandler-Höfler - Pharmacological and lifestyle interventions, Joanna Wardlaw - Q&A Discussion, moderated by Anna Bersano - Closing Remarks, World Stroke Academy
11/16/2023 2:00 PM