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Description is the #1 platform to treat excoriation disorder (dermatillomania). Get one-on-one support from a therapist specializing in treating compulsive skin-picking through evidence-based techniques. Start your journey to break free from skin picking and find freedom through professional therapy and behavioral techniques.



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Skin Picking and Depression Part II – Changing Your Thoughts to Improve Your Mood
Join our upcoming webinar on November 29th, focusing on 'Skin Picking and Depression'. The host will be Dr. Sofia Wenzler, our Chief Clinical Officer. The webinar investigates the influence thought patterns can have on mental health.The session includes a discussion on cognitive biases and their effect on emotional well-being. Attendees will also receive practical techniques to help change unhelpful thoughts, leading to a more positive outlook.Speakers: Dr. Sofia Wenzler and Dr. Vladimir Miletic
11/29/2023 5:00 PM