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The Canadian Sociology Association (CSA) is a professional association that promotes research, publication and teaching in Sociology in Canada. Its members include sociologists committed to research or education, in universities, government agencies and business. Its members also include students and individuals from any other discipline or affiliation who share a concern for sociology. The Association also promotes subscription to its publications by all the academic or other libraries across Canada and all over the world.



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University Confidential: How faculty members engage in sensemaking AND social capital and role conflict among Deans
The Canadian Sociological Association's Sociology of Education Research Cluster (CSA) and the Canadian Association of Sociology of Education (CASE) presents this webinar. Presentation 1: Making Sense of Experiential Education: The Four Lenses of Faculty Sensemaking Emerson LaCroix - PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo Presentation 2: Janus lives: Social capital and role conflict among deans at a large Canadian university Dr. David Mandzuk - Dean Emeritus, University of Manitoba
11/23/2023 5:00 PM