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ICON plc is a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) that specializes in drug development. Their solutions span the entire lifecycle of product development and commercialization, and can be adapted to suit small local trials or large global programs. With expertise in various therapeutic areas, ICON works with leading investigators to manage studies in major geographies. They also provide services in clinical & scientific operations, consulting, early clinical, laboratories, language services, medical imaging, site & patient solutions, strategic solutions, and Symphony Health Technologies.



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Streamlining IRT in clinical trials: Simplify, optimise, succeed
Discover an informative webinar exploring how streamlined interactive response technology (IRT) solutions simplify trials, cut costs and accelerate study initiation. Every clinical trial is distinct, with specific objectives and complexities. Similarly, choices for IRT systems can range from highly customizable platforms to more streamlined “express” solutions. In an increasingly complex clinical trial landscape, sponsors are often faced with balancing efficiency, budget constraints and trial complexity when choosing the most appropriate IRT solution. A sponsor might choose a streamlined or simplified version of IRT system for several reasons, depending on the specific circumstances of their clinical trial. The featured speakers will explore scenarios where this type of IRT system can lead to quicker trial initiation and cost savings. See how ICON Flex Advantage Express can support businesses as an economical IRT solution, where little to no customization is required. The speakers will demo how this tool provides IRT essentials such as screening, enrolment, randomization, dispensation, cohort management, emergency unblinding/reporting, notifications and integrations. They will also discuss optional services such as user acceptance testing (UAT) script writing and pack list/randomization list generation. Engage with the speakers and panel of experts for answers to specific questions about IRT solutions and to learn more about how a streamlined IRT system can benefit specific clinical trial needs. Key takeaways: Gain insights into the advantages of how a streamlined IRT solution can simplify clinical trials Learn when it’s ideal to opt for streamlined IRT and how it can align with study objectives See a demo of ICON’s Flex Advantage Express, an IRT solution that embodies the principles discussed during the webinar Embarking on a successful clinical trial journey requires the right tools and strategies and selecting the ideal IRT system is a critical step. Join this webinar to discover how streamlining IRT in clinical trials can help to achieve business goals for accelerated study initiation, greater cost containment and more efficient resource utilization, to ultimately support the overarching aim of bringing innovative treatments to patients sooner.
2/15/2024 3:00 PM
Why outsourcing pharmacovigilance makes sense at an affiliate level
Discover an informative webinar delving into pharmacovigilance outsourcing and how an outsourced affiliate model can provide access to skilled resources with local expertise. In the past, the primary role of a pharmaceutical company’s affiliate office was to liaise with local health authorities...
11/30/2023 4:00 PM
Clinical Trial Computerised Systems and Electronic Data – Lessons Learned Implementing the New EMA Guideline
The new framework of globally applicable standards for clinical trial data, effective from September 9, 2023. All companies now need to implement the EMA guideline on computerised systems and electronic data in clinical trials if the data will be used to support a marketing authorization in the European Union (EU). Effective on September 9, 2023, the guideline sets forth consolidated requirements on the use of computerized systems, the collection and use of electronic data and introduces a new framework of standards to be upheld by sponsors, investigators and their service providers globally. The new guideline impacts sponsors, investigators and service providers involved in running clinical trials. Join this ICON webinar to gain the knowledge required to achieve compliance with the new regulatory regime, with a strong focus on data accuracy, security and operational efficiency of the trial.
11/28/2023 3:00 PM
Artificial Intelligence at ICON: How a world-leading healthcare intelligence CRO is transforming the delivery of clinical trials
Discover an innovative webinar delving into how ICON — a healthcare intelligence clinical research organization (CRO) — uses award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to transform the future of clinical research. AI is a general term for software that mimics human cognition or perception. Rapid progress in AI is transforming many industries with considerable impact, including clinical trials. In this webinar, the featured speakers will discuss how ICON, a healthcare intelligence CRO is helping to transform clinical trial delivery. Topics and learnings include: How ICON approaches AI ICON’s award-winning AI solutions help identify the best sites the first time, accurately predict post-marketing requirements and rapidly connect key opinion leaders in a given rare disease space The future of AI in clinical research
11/27/2023 3:00 PM