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Solving complex problems in Small Molecule and Biologics. Our dedicated team leverages microbial fermentation expertise and complex chemistry experience to support our partners’ product development and manufacturing from clinical to commercial stage. We care about your success!



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Unleashing the Potential of ADCs with High-Quality Bioreagents
Discover a groundbreaking webinar delving into antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) manufacturing and the recommended strategies to overcome common challenges in potency testing and product purity. ADCs and cell/gene therapies are both advanced approaches in the field of biomedicine that aim to target and treat various diseases in innovative ways. Both rapidly evolving fields with complex landscapes, they each face significant challenges and require innovative solutions for development, scale-up and commercialization. Particularly, when it comes to ADC manufacturing, two key challenges lie in the realms of potency testing and product purity, posing obstacles to manufacturing ADCs at a larger scale and cost-effectively. Furthermore, more robust tools and streamlined processes are needed to ensure the timely production of ADCs for clinical trials and potential commercial launches. Additionally, meeting regulatory standards adds another layer of complexity to the manufacturing process. This webinar will delve into these challenges, exploring their impact and potential solutions for advancing ADC manufacturing.
12/14/2023 3:00 PM
Platform Manufacturing Processes for pDNA, mRNA, LNP and Fill/Finish in Clinical mRNA Therapies
Discover an informative webinar delving into commercial manufacturing in messenger RNA (mRNA) clinical therapies, new capacity installations and unique partnering models in commercial manufacturing. mRNA and cell/gene therapies represent cutting-edge approaches in the realm of biomedicine, with a focus on innovative disease targeting and treatment. These fields are rapidly evolving, characterized by intricate landscapes, and share common challenges that demand inventive solutions for their development, scaling and eventual commercialization.In this webinar, the featured speaker will discuss new capacity installations and unique partnering models and provide key updates on their progress toward commercial manufacturing of plasmid DNA (pDNA), mRNA, lipid nanoparticle (LNP) and fill/finish.
11/21/2023 6:00 PM