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Indus Valley Partners keeps the world’s most sophisticated investment managers one step ahead of the future with improved efficiency, insight and performance. At IVP, no technology, product, solution or service is ever static. We deliver transformation by design.



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Streamline Month-End Closing with Automated Reconciliation
Month-end closing poses significant operational challenges, including data accuracy, time constraints, complexity, regulatory compliance, and resource allocation.All of these issues can affect the accuracy and efficiency of financial activities. And as your fund grows, month-end closing becomes even more complicated.In our upcoming webinar, reconciliation experts from IVP will demonstrate how automated reconciliation helps you close the books faster.AGENDA:Common challenges associated with month-end processingStrategies for streamlining month-end closing and accelerating NAV generationReal-world examples of the impact of the IVP Reconciliation SolutionProduct Demo of IVP Reconciliation SolutionQ&A session with reconciliation expertsSPEAKERS:Nikhil Tyagi, Managing Director, Indus Valley Partners
6/12/2024 3:00 PM