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Promoting Healthy Teen Social Media Use Through Evidence-Based Research (Day 2/2)
Thames Valley District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board are proud to partner with Dr. Tara Dumas and upper-year university students from the Psychology Department at Huron University to learn more about Promoting Healthy Teen Social Media Use Through Evidence-Based Research. This registration page is for Wednesday, March 27th - day two of our two day series. We will discuss the following topics:3) Social Media Comparison and Body Image Concerns in Adolescence The way people present themselves online may seem authentic, but this is not always the case. We will discuss how social media comparison affects adolescents, including their body image concerns. We will also discuss how to navigate image- and health-related social media content to better avoid that which may be inauthentic and harmful.   4) Navigating Cyberbullying, Micro-aggressions, and Online Racism in Adolescence The purpose of our presentation is to discuss the prevalence of cyberbullying, microaggressions, and online racism among the adolescent population and the impact on mental health and behaviour. Our goal is to help guide parents and families in managing these negative behaviours and their outcomes to help mitigate related distress. 
3/27/2024 10:30 PM