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ERMA is a global learning centre for professionals in Enterprise Risk Management. They offer online professional development courses and certifications for Enterprise Risk Management Professionals around the globe. Their certifications are designed for professionals at different levels of risk management proficiency. With a rapid growth of Enterprise Risk Management, there is an increasing need for risk management capabilities, and ERMA certifications provide a widely recognized competency in Enterprise Risk Management to boost your career.



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RISKHub Webinar - ESG Integration in Risk Management: A Practical Exploration
In this webinar, we will examine the practical aspects of integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values into risk management strategies. Emphasizing tangible insights and actionable steps, our focus will be on exploring the intersection of ESG principles and effective risk mitigation. The discussion will center on real-world applications, challenges, and practical approaches, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to seamlessly integrate ESG considerations into their risk management practices.
3/13/2024 7:00 AM