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Fastmarkets is the most trusted cross-commodity price reporting agency (PRA) in the agriculture, forest products, metals and mining, and new generation energy markets. We provide price data, forecasts, insights, and events for commodity markets. Our services include access to price data, news and market analysis, forecasting and analysis, risk management, and consulting. We serve markets such as agriculture, forest products, metals and mining, and battery raw materials. With a team of more than 200 reporters and analysts, we offer market intelligence and expertise to help our customers trade and plan for the future.



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Factors impacting your packaging costs in 2024
Register for our exclusive website for an in-depth market analysis of the paper packaging raw material supply chain. This webinar offers essential tools and insights to empower you in making informed purchasing decisions. Discover what drives your supplier costs, access short- and long-term price forecasts, understand supply and demand dynamics, and gain clarity on market conditions and consumer trends to benchmark your strategy and safeguard margins. Expert speakers include Matt Graves, Senior Vice President of Fastmarkets. Elevate your procurement game with our market-reflective price and analytics solutions. Sign up now to secure your spot and gain your competitive edge!
4/11/2024 2:00 PM