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Maximizing the Value of Consulting
The consulting profession is an essential contributor to most organizations. While consulting has grown steadily in recent years, more internal functions are being outsourced, creating additional demand for external consulting. Internally, organizations are creating opportunities for consulting expertise. At the same time, questions surround the value of the consulting process. Many top leaders ask external consultants to prove the value of their work and, in some cases, show the ROI before a project begins. Internally, consultants are struggling, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with reduced budgets and eliminated departments.Executives and sponsors need clear and compelling evidence that consulting makes a difference in terms they clearly understand and appreciate. This session will show participants how to manage the process to deliver value, be relevant in today’s environment, and calculate the value of consulting. Implementing these actions will ensure that a project is connected to the business, manages costs efficiently, and value is delivered (impact and ROI). This session demonstrates how to maximize the value of consulting.
4/16/2024 6:00 PM