National Alliance for Children's Grief

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No child should grieve alone. The National Alliance for Children's Grief is a national organization dedicated to supporting children and the networks and communities surrounding them. We raise awareness about the needs of children who are grieving and provide resources for anyone who supports them. Connect to local support across the United States on our Find Support page. Our Resources and Support section is here to support families who are supporting a child that is grieving. Visit our Family Portal for resources dedicated to families. Join the NACG and become part of our network of professionals, institutions, and volunteers who promote best practices, educational programming, and critical resources to facilitate the mental, emotional, and physical health of children who are grieving and those who support them. Discover our most visited resources, upcoming education events, and learn about our Grief Reach Grant Program. Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated with the latest news and updates.



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Cultivating inclusivity for children and all abilities in funeral planning and participation
The process of planning a funeral is a multifaceted endeavor involving considerations such as cultural traditions, accessibility, and the ability to derive meaning from the experience. This webinar aims to create age-appropriate, inclusive funeral conversations and expand participation to marginalized communities. It will discuss contemporary funeral care practices, including funeral procedures for different age groups and considerations for physical and cognitive challenges. Join us for this webinar to promote a healthier grieving process and a more compassionate approach to funeral planning.
3/5/2024 5:00 PM