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Primary Teachers’ Experiences of Inspection: Beyond Ofsted Inquiry Findings
The school inspection service Ofsted has come under increased scrutiny in the last year, in the wake of the tragic death of primary headteacher Ruth Perry, which the coroner linked to her experiences of Ofsted. In the wake of media reports of the tragedy, the 2023 Beyond Ofsted Inquiry (funded by NEU) conducted a major research project on key stakeholders’ views of Ofsted and the potential for reform. This involved a large-scale survey of teachers and focus groups with teachers, headteachers, governors and parents. Here we present data from the primary-based participants in this research, and explore the particularities of the inspection experience for primary teachers and leaders. In particular, we discuss their views of the 2019 framework’s focus on curriculum and the use of ‘deep dives’, and the problem of being inspected by non-primary specialists. We conclude with an outline of the recommended model for a new inspection system and a discussion of how this would benefit primary schools.
3/21/2024 4:00 PM