Hanhan Wu - "Generate Synthetic Tabular Data with GANs"

Technology > AI (Artificial Intelligence)7/9/2024 4:00 PM

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Topic: "Generate Synthetic Tabular Data with GANs"

Speaker: Hanhan Wu, Senior Manager of Data Science at Scotiabank


Generative AI is popular nowadays, and we have seen lots of use cases applied on image and text data. Have you ever used it on tabular data? In this talk, Hanhan is going to share her experiments and findings on generating synthetic tabular data using latest tabular generative adversarial networks (TGANs).

Learning points:

- Understand how does GANs work to generate synthetic data

- Understand how does latest (2019 ~ 2023) TGANs work to generate tabular synthetic data

- See experiments and results

- A tip to improve TGANs performance on generating synthetic data

- Discuss questions, your experience or thoughts

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