Understanding the Dubai Insurance Services in the UAE

Insurance7/10/2024 7:00 AM

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Join our upcoming webinar Understanding the Dubai Insurance Services in the UAE, where we will share insights into the significance and implications of the Federal Labour Law No. (33), as well as provide information on various aspects of the mandatory scheme, including eligibility, benefits, payment options, subscription channels and registration process.

The webinar will examine two critical factors shaping labour relations today. Whether you're an HR professional, business owner, or employee seeking clarity, this session provides invaluable insights into the Federal Labour Law and the Worker Protection Program.

Hear from our expert speakers to gain a comprehensive understanding on the Dubai Insurance Services in the UAE and get the opportunity to learn how to navigate the registration process effectively in DMCC.

Key topics include:

  • Work patterns

  • Probation period

  • Employer's obligations

  • Types of leave

  • Notice of termination of employment

  • The difference between the Insurance Policy and the Certificate of Insurance

  • Insurance Coverage

To secure your spot, please register today, as seats are limited!

Speakers: Dana Kansou (Distribution and Strategic Partnerships Manager, Dubai Insurance) and Samer Helo (Legal and Claims Senior Manager of WPP and ILOE, Dubai Insurance)


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