Public Safety Webinar—GIS for Statewide Risk Assessments

Environment > Fire Safety6/12/2024 5:00 PM

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Enhancing Public Safety with GIS Intelligence

State Fire Marshals’ offices are uniquely positioned to impact state and local public safety through operational excellence, education, prevention, and regulation. A geospatial approach can concentrate risk reduction efforts on where they will make the biggest impact. This webinar will focus on empowering state and local agencies to better leverage geospatial systems to identify risk, prioritize resources, and help with hazard mitigation. Specifically, this session will cover Esri’s suite of tools and applications, including ArcGIS Solutions for the fire service, that can equip fire agencies with resources to best protect their communities.


Mike Cox, Director of Fire, Rescue, and EMS Solutions, Esri

Baylie Scott, Senior Product Engineer, Esri

Gary West, Deputy Chief, National Association of State Fire Marshals


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