Energy: Green and Blue Hydrogen: Why Filtration Matters to Our Carbon-Free Future

Industry > Energy6/13/2024 1:30 PM

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In its Net Zero Emissions scenario, the International Energy Agency sees global hydrogen demand increasing six-fold by 2050. Since it’s only by-product when used to produce energy is water, hydrogen is considered an important tool to help decarbonize ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors. Countries across the world are deploying national hydrogen strategies and policies to support growth in hydrogen production and usage. As this energy transition gains momentum worldwide, the demand for green and blue hydrogen continues to increase at a rapid pace.  

In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of filtration and separation solutions in optimizing green and blue hydrogen production. Our focus will be on how key players in the industry, such as EPC Contractors, OEMs, and end-users, can optimize hydrogen processing and amine-based carbon capture processes. By selecting the right filtration and separation technologies, project developers can reduce costs, protect critical equipment, and improve overall efficiency and reliability.  

We will explore real-world case studies and share insights on incorporating absolute-rated particulate filters and high-efficiency liquid/gas coalescers in hydrogen projects. Additionally, we will discuss contamination monitoring techniques to assess filtration effectiveness.  

Join us to gain valuable knowledge and insights on achieving optimal process efficiency and economic viability in green and blue hydrogen production.  


Maria Anez-Lingerfelt, Ph.D., Global Technical Lead – Hydrogen Technology Development, Pall Corporation

Fernando Garralon, Global Strategic Sales – Hydrogen, Pall Corporation


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