Oasys MassMotion: Towards a broader understanding of space

Technology > Software6/6/2024 2:00 PM

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Are you interested in understanding the latest enhancements and direction of travel in pedestrian simulation? Join our Oasys MassMotion product lead, Lachlan Miles, as he outlines the new features in our latest version of MassMotion, aimed at improving how spatial performance can be assessed. We will also offer a glimpse of future research and development efforts and a look at what comes next. 


Lachlan Miles, Head of Product for MassMotion, Oasys

John Hays, Senior Business Development Manager, Oasys


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Established in 1976, Oasys (Ove Arup Systems) is a leading commercial developer of engineering software for geotechnical and structural as well as MassMotion software. We push the boundaries of the engineering software industry, providing innovative software solutions and first-class quality technical support to our customers. We provide tools that are characterised by the speed and power with which they allow users to test ideas quickly and cost effectively.