Unlocking Biological Insights: Best Practices in Computational Methods for Analysis of Single Cell & Spatial Multi-Omics

Technology > Software6/18/2024 3:00 PM

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Single-cell and spatial analysis are powerful tools for unlocking important biological insights. For this reason, many computational methods and platforms have been developed to help scientists delve into such data. However, the use of such methods and tools requires careful consideration as there are no clear guidance nor golden practices set out yet.

Join us for this exciting webinar addressing this topic. The agenda features multiple presentations that cover different topics of single-cell and spatial data analysis, from its applications to the caveats of interpreting the data, and recommendations of tools and platforms to use.


This webinar is co-hosted by 10x Genomics and Pythia Biosciences.

Learn more about 10x Genomics: www.10xgenomics.com

Learn more about Pythia Biosciences: www.pythiabio.com


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