Orca Month 2024: From Orcas to Humans

Animals5/30/2024 12:30 AM

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Orca Month, started by Orca Network, was created to bring together researchers, advocates and a growing community of orca lovers to raise awareness about the threats facing Southern Resident orcas. Now in its 18th year, Orca Month has spread from Washington to Oregon and British Columbia and includes educational and celebratory events throughout the month of June.

This year's Orca Month theme is Clean Water, Healthy Futures. Toxic pollution and contaminants in the environment are one of the three main threats facing orcas. Southern Residents in particular are susceptible to the impacts of toxics when combined with low prey availability. Join us for this special Orca Month opening webinar to hear from experts in the field who will provide an overview of common toxic substances and how they get into the water; how these toxic substances impact fish and killer whales; why people in low income and BIPOC communities experience disproportionate harm from these pollutants; and how we can take action to stop these pollutants from entering our waterways.


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Orca Action Month

Orca Action Month

Orca Action Month in June is a chance to celebrate the Pacific Northwest's most iconic marine mammal, the Southern Resident orcas.