A Guide to Getting Started with Cobots

Industry > Engineering6/20/2024 6:00 PM

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A Guide to Getting Started with Cobots

Collaborative robots, known as cobots, represent the most rapidly expanding sector within factory automation. The transformative technology they introduce to manufacturing necessitates a unique approach to application selection. Join us as Nathan Desrochers, Business Development Manager from Universal Robots, goes over the compiled checklists and guidelines to assist companies of all sizes in their next steps with cobot automation.

During the session, participants will gain insights into:

  • Effectively identifying cobot applications

  • Assessing applications based on risk and complexity

  • Rationalizing the investment in cobots: Uncover the key factors and considerations involved in justifying the investment in cobots


Nathan Desrochers

Business Development Manager

Universal Robots

Nathan is a business development manager for Universal Robots covering the 6 New England states and has helped customers deploy hundreds of collaborative automation systems. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts. Outside of work Nathan enjoys skiing, fishing, basketball, and video games.


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Universal Robots

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a leading provider of collaborative robotic automation solutions. Their cobots are designed to increase productivity, flexibility, and quality in various industries. With a wide range of tasks such as palletizing, welding, machine tending, assembly, dispensing, finishing, material handling, and quality inspection, Universal Robots offers innovative automation solutions. Their next-generation cobots, like the UR30, provide exceptional performance in a compact size, handling heavy payloads and fitting in tight workspaces. Universal Robots also offers a complete solution with add-ons and a diverse ecosystem of certified kits, components, grippers, software, and accessories through UR+. Trusted by worldwide market leaders, Universal Robots is dedicated to creating a world where people work collaboratively with robots to make a difference in their customers' lives. Visit their website to learn more about their products, services, training, and find a distributor.