How consultants use Analytica to accelerate decision modeling for fun and profit

Technology > Software6/13/2024 4:00 PM

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Consultants frequently spend much of their time wrestling with spreadsheets or managing expensive coders to develop decision-support models. Analytica users often report that using Analytica lets them build models in fraction of the time, freeing them up to spend more time engaging with their client to clarify their needs and gain insights from the models. It also lets them deliver interactive models that clients can use themselves. They find that increased productivity and greater client satisfaction lead to a more profitable consulting practice. They also report that it makes the whole modeling process more fun and rewarding for them. Max will give a quick (30 minute) overview of the ways they achieve these results with a 15 minute Q&A at the end.


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Analytica is a visionary modeling company that offers a powerful tool for creating transparent, insightful, flexible, and reliable models. With Analytica, you can go beyond cumbersome spreadsheets and code, and embrace visual modeling to make more justified decisions. The platform allows you to easily navigate risks and uncertainties with its Monte Carlo simulation feature. Build models 5x faster than with traditional spreadsheets or coding, and enjoy the productivity and fun of modeling with Analytica. Discover why Analytica is trusted by industry, government, and academia for a wide range of applications.