Battling Bad Bots: The Latest Trends, Stats & Defense Strategies

Technology > Cybersecurity5/22/2024 5:00 PM

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Bad bots are a persistent problem affecting consumers and organizations across industries. As part of our ongoing commitment to helping organizations better understand the challenges and risks associated with automated traffic, we have published the 2024 Imperva Bad Bot Report.

Join our panel of cybersecurity experts, Erez Hasson, Atul Anvekar, and Stephen Dickson, to discover how bad bots force organizations to rethink how they address automated attacks without impacting customer experience.

Attend this session to get:

• Exclusive insights from the 2024 Imperva Bad Bot Report, including the latest statistics and emerging trends

• Real-world stories from the frontline battles against bad bots

• Guidelines for detecting and diagnosing bot-related issues in your infrastructure

• Strategic recommendations to safeguard your business from sophisticated bot threats


Erez Hasson, Sr Product Marketing Manager

Atul Anvekar, Manager, Security Analyst Services

Stephen Dickson, SAS Manager


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