AI-Powered Marketing: Strategies for Success with

Technology > AI (Artificial Intelligence)5/30/2024 3:00 PM

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AI-Powered Marketing: Strategies for Success with The future of marketing will hinge on the synergy between human expertise and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, so join us for this webinar to learn how to use AI at the heart of your XMPie-powered communications.

Integrating AI into your XMPie platform can significantly increase the quality of your personalized customer journeys. From analyzing vast datasets, AI algorithms can uncover patterns, correlations, and trends that may not be immediately apparent to human analysts, providing insights into customer behavior that was previously inaccessible.

This webinar will feature Dan Doron and Tabrez Rajani from, a new company dedicated to assisting XMPie users in navigating the AI-powered landscape across email, direct mail, and advertising. Their goal? To provide the ultimate competitive advantage: achieving epic results for their customers. Dan and Tabrez will demonstrate how to:

  • Use AI to propel your existing marketing efforts to the next level.

  • Leverage’s AI-driven audiences for acquisition campaigns and other predictive models to improve customer lifetime values.

  • Improve targeting and personalization relevancy with AI-built Persona assignments.

  • Set up an end-to-end Direct Mail workflow with Mail Tracking, Informed Delivery, and EDDM.

  • Enhance Direct Mail with Digital Ads (display and video) overlay.

  • Use the Analytics Dashboard to measure campaign performance and A/B testing.

  • Introduce’s white-label solution with XMPie integration.

This webinar content is suitable for :

  • Printers and marketers interested in understanding the immense value that integration, automation, and generative AI bring to your workflow and campaign success.

  • XMPie-users looking for AI-powered integration tools and strategies to maximize their marketing efficiency and business impact.





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