Composable Security: What it is and Why you Need It

Technology > Software7/24/2024 4:00 PM

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The concept of composability has become a hot topic in business and architectural circles. Rather than creating large, monolithic projects that can lead to costly redundancy and inefficiency, organizations are looking to create business plans and strategic architectures that are agile and modular. Composability also extends to the software space, where developers leverage prewritten libraries and micro-services to speed development and functionality. It's time for security to embrace the concept of composability to support composable business systems. But what exactly does that mean? And how can organizations put the ideas into practice? Join Diana Kelley and guests in this session as we deep dive into: - An overview of composable security, which is modular and flexible - How composable security can meet the needs of modern companies - Benefits of composable security - from business risk analysis to hardware and software risk management The panel will supply case study examples of what a composable security program looks like and provide recommendations on how the audience can implement and adopt these concepts in their own organizations.





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