Why Agile and DevOps Don't Fix a Failing Project

Technology > Software4/2/2024 6:30 PM

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What is a failing project? Late, over budget, software clunky/buggy/slow and doesn't work the way it was requested. Methodologies don't guarantee success or prevent failure. Both ideologies have fantastic principles but the true results are in the strength and effectiveness of the software leadership. Does this sound familiar? If your company is growing and building new software systems (or trusting someone else to build it for you), you can't risk not knowing if your software project is currently failing. And the good news is that there are some very straightforward ways to know and simple questions to ask. Join Jeffrey Palermo, Chief Architect, and learn how to be an effective oversight executive of a software project. Learn what questions to ask. Know what you should expect to see when you receive a status report. Take action to guarantee your project is bound for success and not spiraling toward failure.


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