Inside Immunoassays: Best Practices for Accurate and Reliable Results

Technology > Lifescience4/3/2024 4:00 PM

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Get tips to enhance the performance of your immunoassays from the experts and improve the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of your results. In this webinar, you will learn: How to select appropriate samples and use alternate sample types in immunoassays; Procedures to handle and process samples for use in immunoassays; Steps taken to overcome matrix interference in immunoassay development. Immunoassays play an indispensable role in scientific research. They facilitate the detection and quantification of specific analytes, enabling in-depth investigations into disease mechanisms, biomarker discovery, and evaluation of the potential of therapeutic interventions. Sample selection and preparation are of utmost importance, as they have a direct impact on the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of the obtained results. Properly selecting and preparing samples ensures that they are representative of the population under study and that the analytes of interest are preserved in their native state. In addition, controlling and mitigating matrix interference is crucial in immunoassays to minimize the influence of sample components that may hinder the accuracy of measurements. In this webinar, immunoassay experts will provide practical guidance on these areas. By carefully addressing these considerations, researchers can achieve more precise and meaningful results, advancing our knowledge and understanding in various scientific fields.


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