More with SAS: SAS Beyond SAS programming interface

Technology > Programming4/4/2024 11:30 AM

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Biostatistics and Clinical Research teams across Pharma and CRO organizations are familiar with SAS as a programming language and use it extensively across all their studies for statistical analysis and generating regulatory deliverables. It is now worthwhile to mention that SAS has evolved into a new avatar, an enterprise grade platform with rich visual interfaces for users to rapidly build data transformation pipelines, building analytical and statistical programs and charts. Join us for a quick 60 Mins for “More. With SAS”. Understand SAS visual interfaces and enterprise platform. How it helps improve user productivity with building program and models. Democratize analytics across various business functions.


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SAS is a leading provider of analytics, artificial intelligence, and data management solutions. With their advanced software, SAS helps businesses and organizations transform data into intelligence, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and drive progress. Their analytics solutions are used by customers worldwide to uncover insights, detect fraud, optimize marketing campaigns, manage risks, and more. SAS is committed to pushing the boundaries of data analysis and empowering their customers to make bold new discoveries.