Empowering Education with AI: Building Strategies for Tomorrow

Technology > AI (Artificial Intelligence)4/3/2024 12:00 PM

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Join us for an insightful webinar on March 30th, where we delve into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. Hosted by CCE Finland, this webinar is tailored for teachers, educators, researchers, and education counselors keen on exploring innovative strategies.

AI's potential to revolutionize teaching and learning

Practical strategies for AI implementation in schools

Curriculum Integration

Ethical and Privacy Considerations

Interactive Q&A session with the expert panel

AI Funding grants

Opportunities for further engagement and collaboration


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Council for Creative Education - CCE Finland

Council for Creative Education - CCE Finland

The Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is a world-class education organization that focuses on redefining education through creativity. We provide equal opportunities for all citizens to high-quality education and training. Our mission is to empower educators, researchers, and education counselors with innovative strategies to enhance teaching and learning. With our School Development Program, School Consultancy and Development, Accreditation and certification services, and Finland Education Tour, we aim to create a global platform for sharing knowledge and promoting creativity in education. Join us and be a part of our transformational journey towards a more creative and inclusive education system.