A Guide to Incident Response Framework: Business E-mail Compromise

Technology > Cybersecurity3/21/2024 2:00 PM

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This session focuses solely on one of (if not the most) common cyber Incident Responders (IRs) encounters today. Business E-mail Compromises (BEC) happen every day to organizations of every imaginable size globally. In this session, we will cover a myriad of details about BEC’s, such as:

• What is Business E-mail Compromise (BEC)?

• Most common types of scenarios that make up a BEC case.

• How do BECs usually happen?

• Why they happen/threat actor reasoning.

• What common remediation is required?

• Risk considerations.

• What should you advise your client during and after a BEC?

Speaker- Eder Ribeiro, Senior Cybersecurity Program Manager


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