How Continental leveraged fuzz testing and ASPICE for cybersecurity to comply with ISO 21434

Technology > Cybersecurity3/26/2024 2:00 PM

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Continental integrated instrumented fuzz testing into the development process and reached compliance with ISO/SAE 21434, Regulation (EU) 2019/2144, UN R155, and ASPICE for cybersecurity. Join the session to learn how Continental built an automated security testing process as part of scalable CI/CD infrastructure by applying fuzzing at the Software-in-the-Loop level (SiL). Key topics and takeaways: Learn how to automate ISO compliance reporting with fuzz testing, discover how Continental complies with ASPICE for cybersecurity and gets faster feedback cycles using Software-in-the-Loop, gain insights into leveraging design documentation for testing security-critical components, explore practical examples of fuzz testing’s efficacy and pitfalls in: Application Software (App-SW) running on ClassicAutoSAR, Hardware Security Module (HSM), Firmware Flash Bootloader Software (FBL-SW).


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