Leveraging Technology for Compliant HCP Engagements

Technology3/21/2024 8:00 PM

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Discover how technology can be used to adhere to CMS reporting requirements while engaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs) compliantly.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer, or healthcare provider, this webinar will provide you with the knowledge and best practices needed to navigate CMS Open Payments with confidence.


  • Digital Payment Tracking Systems

  • Automated Reporting Tools

  • Secure Data Handling

  • Transparent Disclosure Portals

  • Education and Training

  • Auditing and Monitoring Tools

  • Integration with Compliance Programs

  • Collaboration with Vendors

  • Continuous Improvement Processes

  • Consultation with Legal Experts

Who Should Attend:

Compliance Officers, Legal Counsel, Regulatory Affairs Professionals, Healthcare Industry Executives, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers

Meet Our Expert Speakers:

James Dawson, VP Compliance Solutions at qordata

Juan Tessi, Senior Manager, Life Sciences Advisory Deloitte


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An advanced data-driven modular suite of SaaS solutions such as Aggregate Spend Reporting, Compliance Monitoring, Compliance Analytics, HCP Engagement, and State Price Transparency Reporting. qordata provides a data-driven compliance platform to life sciences companies that enables them to improve the effectiveness of their compliance program, proactively identify and mitigate risks, enhance the HCP Engagement process, and assure compliance at all levels. With qordata’s data-driven compliance platform, you can assure the compliance program’s effectiveness, effectively and efficiently monitor compliance, assure complete, accurate, and timely submission of spend reports, get real-time actionable insights for risk mitigation and decision-making, seamlessly integrate the platform into your existing compliance processes, and identify and remediate risks early on, covering all functions across all geographies.