Fortifying the Organization Against Image-Based and QR Code Phishing Attacks

Technology > Cybersecurity4/11/2024 6:30 PM

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Despite IT/Sec leaders expressing high confidence in their security stack, Image-Based and Quishing attacks are hitting inboxes, highlighting a serious gap in email security strategies. Michael Sampson, a seasoned principal analyst at Osterman Research, together with Audian Paxson, the Director of Technical Product Marketing at IRONSCALES, will guide you through the study's critical discoveries. They will shed light on the frequency and severity of these under-the-radar attacks, the strategies employed by security professionals to combat them, and the overarching confidence in existing security measures—despite evident vulnerabilities.


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IRONSCALES is a leading provider of enterprise email security software. Our value proposition includes advanced protection against email attacks like BEC, ATO, and social engineering. We simplify operations by automating security measures, reducing the time spent combating phishing. Additionally, we empower organizations by tripling email security awareness through real-world phishing simulation testing and training. With over 13,000 global customers, IRONSCALES has received industry recognition and awards for being the fastest growing email security company.