Electric Vehicle Thermal Management Challenges From a Semiconductor Perspective

Public Sector > Transportation3/21/2024 6:00 PM

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Explore the challenges and solutions in EV thermal management, focusing on efficiency, noise reduction, and system optimization. This webinar will provide insights into innovative cooling strategies, the transition to advanced motor drivers like Field Oriented Control (FOC), and the integration of cutting-edge semiconductor technologies to extend battery life, reduce costs, and enhance passenger comfort in electric vehicles.

In this webinar, you will: -

  • Gain in-depth knowledge about the challenges associated with Electric Vehicle (EV) thermal management, with a focus on factors such as efficiency, noise reduction, and system optimization.

  • Acquire expertise in innovative cooling strategies and advanced motor drivers, particularly Field Oriented Control (FOC).

  • Develop the ability to integrate cutting-edge semiconductor technologies into Electric Vehicle systems.


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