Webinar: Tokenisation and Regulated Securities Token Secondary Markets in Switzerland

Finance3/21/2024 4:30 PM

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The Webinar will outline the Swiss legal framework on tokenisation and the great opportunity to list securities token in a regulated Swiss trading venue as a secondary market which is a world premiere. As of today, Switzerland has a Swiss standard for the tokenisation of shares of Swiss corporations and companies can even obtain a certification that the securities token issued by such companies are conform to the Swiss standard. This certification gives legal certainty to such securities token and comfort to the potential investors. Tokenization enables non-listed, private companies to leverage new financing and investment models. Tokenization allows them to open their capital to investors by different means and through different channels, such as online exchange platforms. Tokenization thus contributes to the modernization and democratization of finance, by making investment simpler and more accessible, notably for retail investors. As of June 2022, a number of Swiss SMEs seized the opportunity and tokenized their shares. For example, 2021 saw the tokenization of companies active in diverse sectors such as IT, finance, or adventure sports. The interest and demand for tokenization increases as the technology matures and legal processes are streamlined. A Swiss trading venue recently obtained a licence from the Swiss regulator, FINMA, for a trading venue for retail investors, which is a world premiere. This a huge opportunity for companies around the world to set up a subsidiary in Switzerland and have the shares of such subsidiary traded in a legit and regulated secondary market without the cost related to IPOs.


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