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Last year the aged care sector focused on the new funding model, wage cases, and the new pricing authority. This year is expected to be markedly different. One big difference is the numerous regulatory changes are anticipated, necessitating a significant shift in mindset regarding how providers manage their funding and care minutes. Another key change will be the industry moving from a transition phase with AN-ACC and care minutes, to the next big step in care minute compliance to 215 minutes. Our speakers and a panel of guest speakers will discuss these significant milestones, offering practical strategies and advice on what should already be in place for 2024, what you need to be thinking about now, and what lies ahead for providers and the industry. These five key areas will be focused on as having the most impact on providers this year: Funding efficiency – Ending the ACFI mindset and moving to efficient margin management, Data security – Moving towards greater data security across your platforms, Regulatory Changes – The short term admin and longer term paradigm shifts in new regs, Governing bodies – Increasing focus on responsibilities of the board and governance of the Aged Care business, Accommodation review – More commercial freedom and the viability of the “non-care” cost centre. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for a successful year in residential aged care.


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