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Industry > Energy3/14/2024 1:30 PM

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Discover how the Spring Budget will affect your business in our next webinar. With the Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS) finishing shortly, will more financial support be offered to UK businesses? And, will there be any more tax incentives to help businesses invest to reduce their energy and lower emissions? We'll also be covering key emerging trends in the energy market and what these mean for UK businesses as we navigate the coming seasons, the network, system and policy charges on your energy invoice set to fall, and the costs rising rapidly. The UK needs to dramatically expand its renewable energy capacity to hit net zero. We share how businesses can support this and reap the benefits.


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npower Business Solutions

npower Business Solutions

npower Business Solutions is an expert in energy buying, generation, consumption monitoring, new supply connections, carbon emissions reduction, and energy compliance. They offer a wide range of options to cater to your energy buying needs, from straightforward contracts to tailored purchasing solutions. Additionally, they provide support for maximizing the value of energy generation, ensuring reliable consumption monitoring, and helping businesses lower their carbon emissions. Their compliance specialists can help clarify energy reporting responsibilities and avoid penalties. Stay up to date with the latest business energy news on their website.