What’s Next for TestFit and Architecture?

Industry > Architecture2/29/2024 5:00 PM

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TestFit started to help architects save time on counting and drafting parking stalls manually. After building a full-featured real estate feasibility platform, we’re going back to our roots to democratize access to planning with a free version of our software.

Clifton Harness - CEO & Co-founder at TestFit
Tyler Suomala - Founder at Growthitect


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TestFit is a real estate feasibility platform that helps businesses maximize site potential, evaluate deals, and iterate concept designs rapidly. With their real-time AI software, users can gain insights into design, cost, and constructability all in one place. TestFit offers features such as site planning, deal evaluation, concept iteration, and direct integrations with tools like Revit and Enscape. They provide automated processes for testing development feasibility, saving time and effort for developers, architects, contractors, and brokers. TestFit aims to reinvent the development process by optimizing feasibility with rapid iterations and accurate data.