Is it Time to Quit VMware?

Technology > Software2/27/2024 5:00 PM

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You might be perfectly satisfied with your VMware investment's price, management overhead, and reliability. If so, it's all good. Or you might be wondering if there is an alternative. You might blanch at the cost of licenses, be nervous about the impact of the Broadcom acquisition, or maybe you just want something that’s less of a struggle to maintain and patch with exponentially less downtime. If that describes you, then join our Regcast to hear Scott Mann of Scale Computing talk about what his company has to offer. The company has surveyed VMware users, and Scott will tell Tim Phillips what they revealed about the true price customers are paying to maintain legacy virtualization deployments. He’ll also share how Scale Computing’s products could be a balm for your VMware irritation. You will learn: The gripes of VMware users Scale Computing’s alternative, now and for the future How to make the transition


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Scale Computing

Scale Computing

Scale Computing is a leading provider of edge computing solutions, virtualization, and hyperconverged infrastructure software. Their SC//Platform offers a simple and fully integrated system for running applications, while their SC//HyperCore saves time and resources by moving beyond traditional IT silos. With a focus on simplicity and cost-effectiveness, Scale Computing provides organizations with the performance and availability they require. They offer a variety of hardware platforms for SC//Platform, making it a versatile solution for data centers. Recognized for their Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, Scale Computing is a trusted alternative to VMware. They help businesses migrate from VMware to their platform with a 25% discount on software and services. Customers have experienced significant cost savings and improved management with Scale Computing's HyperCore.