How TiDB’s Architecture Supports Scale and Reliability

Industry > Architecture1/30/2024 6:00 PM

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To meet the demands of modern applications, relational databases need a radically new architecture — one designed from the ground up to handle voluminous data and transaction loads, resist different types of failure and function seamlessly during times of peak demand without manual intervention or patchwork scaling strategies. TiDB is a prime example of this new style of database architecture. As an open-source distributed SQL database, it’s designed for the most demanding applications, scaling out to handle data volumes up to a petabyte in size. Join Alex Feinberg, Software Engineer at PingCAP, as he provides expert insights into the architectural features that give TiDB its scalability and reliability, including: TiDB’s design fundamentals, How the Raft consensus algorithm serves as an essential cornerstone for replication, How distributed transactions maintain ACID properties, How TiDB’s native support for high availability minimizes downtime for critical applications and services, TiDB’s wide range of tools and features for disaster recovery


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PingCAP is the company behind TiDB, an advanced, open source, distributed SQL database. TiDB offers horizontal scalability, efficient workload management, and compatibility with MySQL. With TiDB, organizations can build versatile, reliable, and highly scalable applications. PingCAP also provides TiDB Dedicated, a fully-managed cloud DBaaS for predictable workloads. Learn more about TiDB and TiDB Dedicated, and start using the most advanced distributed SQL database for your modern applications.