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Public Sector > Libraries and Museums1/25/2024 7:00 PM

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3 ways to turn your book into an audiobook and get distribution from anywhere in the world. The exact microphone, equipment, and software you need to record your own audiobook. What you must know to get your audiobook approved for distribution on Audible, Amazon, and beyond. How to produce audiobooks even on a shoestring budget. Answers to your audiobook questions and a whole lot more.


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The Book Shepherd

The Book Shepherd

The Book Shepherd is a professional speaker and author, Dr. Judith Briles, who has authored over 45 published books. With a proven track record of success, Dr. Briles is honored to be named a "Woman of Distinction" and the Founder of the Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame. Offering services such as author mentoring, publicity, website media editing, and indexing, The Book Shepherd is dedicated to helping authors navigate the book publishing world. Join the AuthorYOU community, attend Author Friendly Fridays, or participate in publishing events like Publishing at Sea for a life-changing experience.