Webinar: More success with mobile app accessibility testing

Technology1/18/2024 7:00 PM

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Mobile apps are now woven firmly into online commerce and everyday digital life. That means that every organization with mobile touchpoints should carefully consider their compliance with applicable accessibility standards and laws. Beyond compliance, mobile accessibility is also important for fully engaging the more than US $2 trillion global e-commerce market. But right now, many mobile teams and product owners spend too much time wrestling with the complexities of digital accessibility and screaming into the void, “Where are the answers?!” End the frustration. Take action today! In this webinar created for all skill levels, you’ll learn: What mobile accessibility is and why it’s so important, How to select the best tools to make digital accessibility faster and easier, Where automated testing can deliver the strategic agility you need. Discover how axe DevTools Mobile delivers the most streamlined toolset to test any iOS or Android app, native or cross-platform, without requiring access to source code. Its advanced ruleset gives everyone who uses it a measurable advantage–not just experts. Getting started with Deque is the easiest way to realize results in mobile digital accessibility. About the Presenters Rachael Yomtoob - Developer Advocate, Megan Pletzer - Senior Product Manager - Mobile


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Deque Systems

Deque Systems

Deque Systems is a leading provider of web accessibility software, services, and training. They offer a wide range of tools and solutions to help businesses achieve compliance with accessibility standards and ensure their websites and digital experiences are inclusive for all users. With their expertise and innovative AI-powered technology, Deque Systems helps organizations build and maintain accessible digital experiences, avoiding legal risks and improving overall user satisfaction.